Monday, April 14, 2008

Horror Today /Yesterday

OK there is definitely a problem in Horror movies lately, no imagination, remakes, sequels and NO suspense! Saw had a great story line! But yes like many others these days they went to graphics in order to draw in their audience. We are a very vision oriented society these days. A Little numb in the head as I say, meaning not much affects us anymore, we lack imagination! Not much bothers us.

In 1931 When Frankenstein first appeared in theaters there was a nurse on hand in case anyone fainted. This cinematic masterpiece tapped into the psyche of the audience's moral fear, could man create life? Was is possible? at the time you would have to figure it scared the shit out of people! Then the follow up Frankenstein's "The Bride of Frankenstein" is billed as a Horror movie but if you really watch it, You will find that it is a Love story! and one of the Best sequels ever made to this day! The girl who played Mary Shelley in the movie also played the Monster's Mate! This was cinematic history! a Sequel, dual roles and a success to boot!

Now remember when you saw the first "Alien" Movie?, all you saw was the gleaming teeth of the Alien, with the drool acid slime. You the Creature lurking in the shadows most of the movie.

Another Good Movie was "The Bad Seed" hell you want to kill this girl yourself! She is such an evil lil bitch! You have to see the original uncut version to truly appreciate it.

Interestingly enough before they were billed as slasher films the Halloween series was born. One of the reasons Halloween was so popular it was a new approach, the first two were the the best, nice segue into the second one, and it kept the original plot, simple, Yes! Micheal Myers never said anything you never knew where he was coming from, or what it took to kill him! The music score was genius! The remake, although well done, falls short.

Movies today showcase allot of gore! Nothing wrong with gore but we need a story, a plot, not some great looking actor or actress that gets spliced up! Something Fresh!
I must slay these days most people root for the Killer! We are a twisted society, actually we used to worse! You don't believe it! Do a research on "google" for Renaissance medieval torture devices, we now are more civil than our predecessors.
People in the old days complained when there were multiple hangings, they found it difficult to concentrate on everyone at the same time. They went back to one at a time! Real crowd pleaser.


Anonymous said...

well said!

Anonymous said...

I think its a shame that Hollywood not only has no imagination, but now they want to redo those classics that should not be done!! Rosemary's Baby?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?