Monday, June 16, 2008

Leatherface's Bubba Burger

Leatherface's Bubba Burger

Human flesh is good and all, but Ol' Leatherface loves a good burger once and awhile. Here's his recipe.

You'll need:

A frying pan
A spatula
Ballpark beef hotdogs (or whatever dogs you like)
Hamburger meat
Hotdog rolls or hamburger buns
Ketchup or Mustard (or both)

How to make it:

First, spread margarine across frying pan.
Then turn the stove on Medium heat.
Place the frying pan on the stove.
Take as many hotdog's as you desire and place them into frying pan.
Cook hotdog till fully done.
you may also cut the dogs in half then place hamburger around and cook.
Place cooked hotdog on plate.
Take out the fresh hamburger meat and wrap it around the cooked hot dog(s).
Place back in frying pan.
Cook hamburger till fully done.
Remove the burger dog from frying pan and insert into hotdog roll or hamburger bun.
Add ketchup or mustard (or both)
This can be done on the grill also!

Put Texas Chainsaw Massacre into the DVD player and enjoy that Bubba Burger.

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