Friday, July 25, 2008


We thought this Bolg was So funny we had to post it for your enjoyment.
Ah, the truth is always stranger than fiction, and the latest um, "marital aid" (?) out on the market is a real head scratcher:

Against the rather uncomfortable backdrop of women stooping to get controversial vaginal reconstruction surgeries, well, you know how beauty companies scrambled to produce Botox in a bottle products? Looks like the billion dollar sex industry has stepped up to the plate with tightening in a jar in the form of Liquid Virgin.

Sorry, but I can't deliver a review since I haven't personally road tested this creepy sounding new product, but I do know that according to the ad, it will give you a "tight, wet feeling everytime!" for about 15 minutes or so at least.

Question is (you know, besides all the other obvious ones), what the heck is in this stuff, and are there any long term studies about its effects on a woman's nether regions? Turns out, one of the key ingredients is potassium alum, most often used in deodorant. Curious. Of course, I have to wonder if another hazard is that this stuff causes sexually transmittable temporary penile shrinkage as well? Yikes.... LOL

Now that would just be plain embarrassing.Like I said, sooooo many questions. If you have tried this, would you please for the love of god leave a comment? Or if you just want to vent here (does Liquid Virgin make you angry, sad, depressed, bewildered, etc?), be my guest.

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