Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We are currently looking for a select few people who are serious about their writing.
we will be soon changing some of the formatting, and are looking for someone we can trust and is entertaining. Frequent post are a plus, you can write about most anything, there are no deadlines and or assignments, it is essentially an open
pallet. The only restrictions are that there be no nudity(photos) posted on the blog, and the content try to be in the horror genre,or anything weird, humorous, demented or disgusting. Movies, music (understandably music does have a broad spectrum)directors, makeup artist, books, reviews

Let us know if this is to your interest, this will not be a paying job.
Corpsella also does NOT retain any copyrights to your work, your work is
your work, we do reserve the right to reproduce and or edit in any written
or digital publication.

Please contact us
email : corpsellasays@yahoo.com

Serious inquires only and if you can provide a sample or two of your work that would be great.

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