Saturday, September 26, 2009

WHOA! Stop right there! your tracks...

We really want you to read this because it's completely new and different from what you are thinking.

Ready??? Great!
We are selling CadaverGirls.
The whole thing...web site, leftover merch, copyrights to the photos and artwork, bands, domain name, email, blog, myspace, flickr etc.
Because it's time for us to move on to other things.

What can you expect to get if you decide to purchase The CadaverGirls? Dedicated traffic. Dedicated fan base. Dedicated artists. This is a business that is off the ground and ready to be taken to new heights with the right team of people. We have done all the ground work for you and it's a nice neat package. Want to add some click through? Go for it! Want to produce some new merch? Do some photo shoots? Go for it!
And do it with an established name and following...

Please submit any questions and your bid to:

Kay and Amy

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