Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Horror food stories you don't want to hear about!


It's frequently on the news: the horrific things food manufacturers do to the food in China. List them here - - The "man" roast pork bun where the actual meat is human meat! - Coating cement on ducks, so that when the cement dries, they can pull off duck hairs with ease - Spraying bug spray on dried salty fish so that bugs would stay away from them.

Soy sauce made from hair (yes, hair on our heads!). - Chinese sausage made with pork, mouse meat, and red coloring. - Moon cake filled with last year's lotus filling and yolks.

Other Stories!

You know those really soft, comfy silk comforters that they make in China? Recently a manufacturer was discovered stuffing the comforters with USED pads. They got caught when customers saw blood started seeping through the comforter's lining. The manufacturers were collecting these used pads from public restrooms.

The restaurants in China never provide napkins/tissues, so the customers have to bring along their own paper napkins/tissues. Apparently some paper napkin manufacturers in China are "recycling" used toilet paper and using them for manufacturing "new" paper napkins. YUCK!! That's why I was given the advice of buying Western brand paper tissues or napkins only. Or bring your own from your own country. The usual giveaway is the rather nasty smell when you open the packet.


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