Friday, August 29, 2008

Lowest Grossing Film

Grant is an accountant with a bad marriage and a daughter whom he loves. He takes to the road to service his accounts in Las Vegas. While there he meets seductive Marissa. They have a week-long affair which culminates in the arrival of Marissa's ex-boyfriend, Joey. Joey attempts to kill the lovers, but Grant gets the upper hand. Grant and Marissa then drive Joey's body to Zyzzyx Road and Grant buries Joey in the desert there. But in the morning the body is missing and something is trying to kill Grant and Marissa. In the DEATH OF A SALESMAN meets LOLITA ending, Zyzzyx Rd. reveals a shocking, tragic twist.

# Only opened in one theater (Highland Village Park Theater in Dallas, Texas) ran for six days, and amassed a final total of $20 (originally tallied as $30, but $10 was refunded to a member of the film's crew who paid to see the movie) in box office takings.

# The film's very limited release was a technical necessity to comply with Screen Actors Guild's regulations.

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